Grow Kit - Snow Oyster

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    Brilliantly white, with a mild, delicate flavor, Snow Oysters become intensely savory when well sautéed over a medium-low heat until brown and crispy on the edges. Lacking in the earthiness traditionally associated with mushrooms, Snow Oysters are more akin to a mild white meat in flavor. Best grown below 70 degrees, these are a great candidate for home cultivation.

    Grow your own mushrooms at home in just a couple of weeks! Our kits take all the hard work out of mushroom cultivation. Simply cut some holes in the bag, introduce it to a humid, shady area and watch your mushrooms grow in just a matter of days! These full size production kits are the same we use at our farm and can produce 3-5 lb of mushrooms each; nearly twice as much as you might get from some similarly priced kits.

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